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Choosing your engagement and wedding rings is an exciting task! Luckily for brides in the area, Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas have countless jewelers! Whether you're buying a new ring or re-sizing a family heirloom, it's an exciting event! Although getting your rings is a fun and exciting event, choosing your rings does take some thought! With so many styles of rings and gems it can be overwhelming (but so very worth every minute)!

What diamond suits your style? Solitaire, princess cut, cushion cut, emerald cut... halo or none? White gold, yellow gold, platinum? Do you want a modest ring or a huge shiny diamond? Will you and your groom have matching bands? These are all things to consider and might make the shopping process a little simpler. When you speak with the jeweler, let them know what you're looking for. If you try on several rings and you like different aspects of three of them, let the jeweler know because they might have a ring that combines those three elements but isn't on display!

Before heading out to shop, research jewelers and make sure they're reputable. And when purchasing your ring ask about insurance and resizing - some jewelers offer a lifetime of free re-sizing so if you ever need the size changed or want to pass it down to your own children one day, you can take it to the jeweler and have it adjusted!