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Wedding cakes

Beautiful, classic, and delicious!

Never underestimate the power of a the wedding cake. Not only does a beautifully designed cake add to your d├ęcor, but the traditional cake cutting is an important part of your reception! The cake is also something your guests will remember for both the look and the taste - Don't let them remember your cake as beautiful but too sweet or bland. Have your cake and eat it too by checking out some of the amazing Ann Arbor area wedding cake experts!

The cake is a focal point of your reception. Not only will people be awed by a beautiful cake and anticipate dessert time, but your cake is going to be photographed likely on it's own but definitely during the cake cutting ceremony. Remember, the look of the cake is entirely up to you but you should aim to choose a cake that fits the theme of your wedding! If your wedding colors are ivory and blush pink it's probably a good idea to steer clear of a black and blue cake!

The design is also important - Would you like a simple, rustic cake or an intricate cake that goes as far as including lace details? What sort of cake toppers will you choose? Or will your forego cake toppers? Are you looking for a simple sheet cake or a traditional tier cake? What sort of flavors and frostings do you and your spouse-to-be prefer? Do you want to only have a small cake for the cutting and incorporate cupcakes to offer a variety of flavors for all of your guests? There's so many possibilities and choices!

Ann Arbor has some great bakeries. Find the ones within your budget and make an appointment to sample wedding cakes. This is an event you should definitely take your spouse-to-be to! You'll both want to make sure you love the flavor of the cake!