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One of the things you'll love for years to come is the memories of your wedding day. Those memories are something you'll definitely want to have on photo and video so you can share them with your children and grandchildren down the road, and so you can your spouse can perhaps watch the wedding video on your anniversary. There are so many ways to capture the moment in this day and age from the traditional methods to new, trendier ways of capturing every aspect of the day!

To start, there's traditional wedding photographers and videographers. There are several of each in the Ann Arbor area that can fit within several budgets. Be sure to decide what aspects you want photoed or videoed (for example do you want photos of the entire day but only video of the ceremony? Or do you only want photos and no video?). When choosing photographers and videographers be sure to ask for portfolios so you know the quality of work they do. Today there's also other options like photo booths - many couples rent photo booths and provide props for guests to have fun with. One of the latest trends is having guests take their own photos from their phones and sharing them on-line with apps like Instagram and using hashtag such as "#SmithWeddingSeptember15" for all guests to view and share photos. Having them tagged like this gives an easy way for you to view them all at the end of the night! Best yet, it's a free way to share photos with all your guests!