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Weddings Ann Arbor

Plan your perfect wedding

Planning your wedding is a huge deal. Between looking for the right dresses, rings, music, venues, photographers, and transportation (just to name a few), planning a wedding is time consuming. Even if you've had your dream wedding planned since you were a little girl, the task can still be daunting and even a bit overwhelming at times. Here at Ann Arbor Weddings we want to help make the task slightly easier! Here you'll find some tips, ideas, and a couple of useful links to help you along the way! We hope your planning goes smoothly and that your wedding day is perfect!

We hope you'll take the time to browse through all the resources that we've put together for you here, and if you have any questions or would like some personalized guidance in making all these choices for your big day, we hope you'll reach out to us! It's our aim to make your wedding day as beautiful as it can possibly be with smart guides to every decision you'll have to make prior to your ceremony.

When you're planning your bachelorette party, looking for the perfect bridal salon, shopping for wedding rings, browsing through options for wedding venues, choosing a DJ or band to provide the entertainment for your big day, checking out the local caterers who are options for your wedding day dining, choosing a baker for your beautiful wedding cake, considering photographers and videographers for your ceremony and reception, or looking at options for transportation like limos and party buses, we've got the information that you're seeking.

Find the perfect dresses, rings, cakes, and bouquets!

Your dress and your ring are of course of the utmost importance on your big day, so don't rush in choosing either! Wedding cakes of course another important aspect of weddings - they need to look great and taste amazing! And when choosing floral arrangements you'll not only need to find the perfect bouquet, but the best centrepieces as well! Clearly, each detail of your wedding is just as important as the last and we hope you'll find our resources helpful!

We've put together a great guide for you to refer to when it comes to bridal salons, wedding rings, wedding cakes, and wedding florists, as well as the most ideal wedding day transportation around! These are all such fun things to consider, and if you make wise choices with all of them, you'll have such a beautiful day that you'll never forget. It should be an absolute pleasure to browse all your options and choose your ultimate picks, and we hope that the information we've put together for you will make it even more of a joy!

Have fun flipping through all the pages that we've put together and if there's anything that we've left out, please be sure and let us know. We tried to cover every category of wedding day shopping and planning, but with so many events surrounding your wedding day, such as bachelor/bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and even your honeymoon, it's always possible that we missed something! We strive to be the number one source for your wedding day planning needs, so definitely reach out and let us know if there's anything we can add here that will help you to make your day even more memorable and special.

Take a look at our bridal salons, wedding rings, wedding cakes, and wedding florists options below, and above you can find our full navigation that takes you to the rest of our guide!

Find the most luxurious vehicles in Ann Arbor!

Another of the most important aspects of a wedding is the transportation. Unfortunately, this aspect is often thought of last minute and that can have catastrophic consequences for your wedding day. We suggest reserving your transportation with a reliable company such as and so you know you're getting a great vehicle at a great price!

We've worked with these companies personally and we can tell you firsthand that they are outstanding and reliable for this once in a lifetime event that is on your horizon. You certainly do not want to trust your wedding day transportation to just anyone, and when it comes to limousines and party buses, these are the best of the best. They have vehicles that are so elegant, just perfect for this big day. You want a vehicle that has more than enough room for your wedding party and one that will look just amazing in your wedding photography. This is one day when your own car just won't do! Live it up and treat yourself to an amazing ride that you will never forget.

Visit our transportation page for more details on luxury transportation planning for both your wedding and bachelorette parties and for details on how to contact these great companies!